• Onboarding of organizations

    Non-Profit y For-Profit

    Hand in hand with the best in the industry, legally organize your organization in the United States. With us you can register an LLC, a For-Profit and/or Non-Profit corporation.

  • Tax exemptions

    State and Federal

    As a Non-Profit organization, you can receive a tax exemption form on your purchases, as well as apply to receive federal 501(c)(3) exemption recognition from the IRS.

  • Protect your brand and register your logo safely and legally in the United States

    Giving timely solutions to

    organizations in the US

    At SoySoluciones our main objective is to be part of the most appropriate solution for the different cases that arise every day, such as involuntary dissolutions, loss of administrative status due to lack of reports, delinquent reports, reincorporations, start of business and much more.

    Our experience and extensive knowledge in the market has positioned us as the preferred company for churches and LLCs or corporations.

    We help advance your goals!

    Two of the most important processes for a

    non-profit organization


    Incorporation is the first step to legalize an organization in the United States, making it the most important process, on which many others depend.

    IRS 501(c)(3)

    This is the tax exemption acknowledgment for non-profit organizations. Process that is essential for proper functioning and access to federal aid.

    • Pastora


      “Grateful to SoySoluciones.com, before meeting them I was very worried, but this company was a blessing since they have helped me with various services; one of them was the federal exemption, they helped me create our Council of Reparative Christian Churches of Portillos, Inc. - also the Abigail Women's Foundation, Inc. to help battered women.

    • Pastora de Join Revolution Church, Inc.

      Betsabe Mireles

      “We recommend SoySoluciones.com since they have helped us with the registration of the Church, with the franchise taxes and they are also helping us with accounting, it is a company with a fairly complete portfolio and they can help you with all the legal documents that you need. requires the state. They are a great blessing, they do their job very well and they will be a blessing to your life.”

      Betsabe Mireles
    • Pastor de AMEN Ministries Evangelical Network,Inc

      Armando Vera

      “At SoySoluciones.com they have been honest and transparent; They have taken us by the hand in each process.”

      Armando Vera
    • Pastor Iglesia Cristiana Canaan, Pampa, TX, Inc

      Francisco Luna

      "Invite those Pastors who have not yet started their administrative processes such as registration and others, because at SoySoluciones.com they can help you."

      Francisco Luna
    • Pastores Iglesia Jesucristo El Salvador Inc.

      Alma Isaguirre

      “SoySoluciones.com is a very efficient company with a lot of capacity to help you administratively in your processes with the State and the IRS.”

      Alma Isaguirre
    • Pastor de Comunidad Bethesda, Inc.

      Fredy Vargas

      “SoySoluciones.com is the best option to help you and your church establish yourself at a corporate level in any state you may be in.”

      Fredy Vargas

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