Registration before
the State

Registering with the Secretary of State is the most important thing to start all the following processes. We can register an organization usually in less than 7 days. This registration will help you have a legal identity with the state government, whether you are a corporation or LLC.

Administrative processes

Registered agent

Your registered agent is required by the state to represent your organization in administrative proceedings. In addition, this will help you to be the representative of
notice when sued by entities or individuals.

EIN (IRS Tax Number)

This number is very important, but it is the next step to follow. Without this number you will not be able to open a bank account, apply for a loan and get help. We, after registering your organization, will be able to carry out this process in less than 7 days.

Bylaws (Internal Bylaws)

Describes the rules of the functions of each director of your organization, as well as the functional areas of the organization (meetings, election of
directors, etc.).

Tax exemption given by the State Government

You may have heard that non-profit organizations do not pay taxes. This, while true, is not automatic. Each non-profit organization must apply for such a privilege of NOT paying taxes in stores
when you purchase any utensils for your organization’s use.

Ministerial Identifications

Keeping the members of your Council, Association, Ministry and/or Church identified, is vital to maintain control of your membership. In addition, this allows you to comply with the state regulation that requires each organization to maintain this internal control.

Property Tax Exemption

This step consists of declaring a property tax exempt. In this case we are talking about the exemption of «the church» as such, or the parsonage. This is done, and can take 30-60 days, with the county.

Fast Procedures

Contact one of our agents, they are waiting to provide you with a professional and fast solution.

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